To You, From Me

Hi! How are you?

When most people ask you that, what do you say? More importantly, do you mean it?

I, personally, have developed the autopiloted, cheerful answer of “I’m good, thank you! And you?” with a large side of smiles. Some days I honestly mean it- “I’m good!” While some days, I don’t- “I’m… good.” Some days are better than others. I’m sure anyone who has actually lived more than a single day would agree.

There seems to be something that comes with the bad days- “bad” feelings. Sadness, anger, frustration, even grief. However, something else comes along with these feelings as well- guilt. Guilt that we are anything other than “good, thank you! And you?

Isn’t that a bit of a kick while we’re down? Feeling bad for feeling “bad”? Feelings do not need to be categorized as “good” or “bad”. They are what they are. They allow us to process the events that are part of our lives as human beings. So come on human, just BE.

Last year, after a difficult day, I resorted to the usual comfort of a blank page. However, I had different plans for this particular parchment. I knew that in life there would be ups and downs. That day last year was definitely “a down”, and I knew that there would be more to come in life. So, I wrote my future-self a letter as a reminder not to allow myself to be kicked while I’m down.

I recently found this entry from the past in a personal journal, uncharacteristically written in pencil:

It’s okay to only be okay. When those polite strangers at the store tell you to have a good day, it’s because they wish that for you. Not because it’s an expectation you have to meet.

It’s okay to be human. Life is supposed to be a roller coaster. And we both know you love roller coasters. How would you know how wonderful and thankful you are for the “ups” if you’ve never had any “downs”?

Sure, what do you possibly have to be anything less than happy about? You’re healthy. You’re loved. You’re home.

But you know what else? You are here. You. Are. Human.

I write this to you in pencil because of its impermanence. Because the need for these words will not always be there. You do not feel at your best now, but you will. We will.

You know how to use the art of word. It’s your gift, so use it. There is a reason that the midpoint between your heart and your head is your lips- they are the meeting point for the two to be expressed. So let them. Don’t be afraid of what the ears may hear. You have a smart head. You have a good heart. If you let them speak truly, they cannot fail you.

To you, from me, your gifts are beautiful.

To you, from me, you’ll be so much more than okay.

To you, from me, all the best.

All this- from me, to you.


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