Letters to the Blooming Wallflower

Heart-led writer, Cardiac Nurse, Hospital House Supervisor

Basically: A listener of hearts. In every way possible.

To the fellow wallflowers and soft hearts that feel pressure to harden or hide to “make it” in this hardened world, I write a series of letters. I write as a pen pal planting roots in that thorny world, wanting to find and show that there is a place and need our soft petal hearts within it. The bud must break for the petals to blossom- will you bless this world with your bloom? As my first pen pal invitation, I send you my Heart-to-Heart Questionnaire to begin a conversation with your own heart. By accepting as my newest pen pal, you’ll be able to follow along through my mailing list and blog as we start this dialogue, embark on this journey, and start this gentle revolution together.

Let’s have a Heart-to-Heart.