Heart-to-Heart Questionnaire

Hello there and sending you a genuine thank you for accepting my invitation to answer a few heart-filled questions! All answers are appreciated, respected, and will not be judged. I simply admire and ask for your honesty. Your answers may act as research and inspiration in my own writing with the goal of speaking to/for the gentle souls and soft hearts all around us.

As a gentle-souled and soft-hearted writer myself, I have personally been called “Too Nice” in the past, which sparked a (partially annoyed) voice in my mind, “What do you mean I’m too nice? I’m just being me. Is there a limit of nice that someone somewhere decided is allowed from a person?” A coincidental conversation with a soul-sister led me to realize that I’m not the only one having encounters like these, and perhaps translation is needed for both sides. Often, people think we need to harden our hearts to survive in this world, and I just don’t buy it. There’s no way that there is only one way to make it- especially when that way is building brick walls around your heart. So, my soft heart and I have made it our mission to speak to other hearts to explore possibly shared experiences, empowering other soft hearts by telling their story, and showing that there is a place for soft hearts in this hardened world. Including yours.

So, without further ado, but with infinite gratitude – the questionnaire: https://forms.gle/px9nv2mcj1UAChiY7