This November

“The human body essentially recreates itself every six months. Nearly every cell of hair and skin and bone dies and another is directed to its former place. You are not who you were last November.” – Donald Miller

This quote first came into my focus when I was glancing through my Facebook Feed in the usual manner- searching for nothing, scrolling through everything. However, amongst the constant slow upward flow of posts, pictures, and videos, these words in particular caught my eye because I felt as though I had seen them before. The friend who had shared these words on the first of November, a very beautiful and kind soul, explained how she revisits this quote every year. She goes on in her post to explain that though the science of the quote may not be accurate, one thing is for sure. “The truthful part of the quote is this: you are not who you were last November. I love you still.” Of course, I replied with a resounding and touched, “love you too <3.”

After the mutual love was shared as warmly as a computer keyboard could allow, I wondered why I only vaguely remembered reading this quote the previous year. For all I know, I probably just kept on going through my feed per usual- searching for nothing, scrolling through everything. So why was it that this year, those words not only caught my eye, but they jumped out and spoke? I thought about a few reasons why I would just bypass something that has connected with me so much, then realized the answer was already there. “You are not who you were last November.”

A year ago, those words didn’t speak to me because they didn’t need to. A year ago, I did not hear them because I was not in a place to listen. The person I was last November experienced what she needed to, heard what she required, and grew in ways she was meant to- to arrive here, as This November’s Me. And to This November’s Me, that is incredibly exciting.

I have zero qualms or regrets about who I have been in the past. On the contrary, if anything, she motivates me and is one of my greatest supporters. Growing up as a young woman and transitioning through all those awkward phases of trying to find your own identity, I would always envision the younger me with her Dora the Explorer haircut, jumper dress, and plastic colorful necklaces and bracelets. I would reassure her that I am taking her far in this life, and that she has so much to look forward to, including the things I have yet to experience. I made her a promise a long time ago that I would continue to grow in what I believe to be the best ways for her – which in return, is ultimately the best way for me.

Last November’s Me was on the brink of all things “new”. She had just achieved all the goals she set out to do from childhood, and finally felt like she was on the precipice of reaping the rewards of all she had sown. She graduated from nursing school, earned her RN license, got the job she was searching for, and felt like she had finally arrived where she was meant to be. With all this, Last November’s Me was ready to be a sponge, absorbing everything that there was to learn in the new experiences of the adult world, all while being flexible and trying to roll with the punches- and let me tell you, there were punches. There were difficult work shifts, mistakes were made and learned from, and the hardest hit of all, loved ones were lost. Last November’s Me took some serious hits that made her falter for awhile after each one. However, after each and every shot that life threw her way, after stumbling or even falling, whether she knew it or not, she would get up a slightly different person. The next November was coming along.

The Autumn season has brought the chilly, cuddle craving air, the beautiful fall leaves, and along with all that, a desire for more. After coming back from Greece, I got a taste of what my own ideal life could be. I’m now able to say I have achieved what I have sought out to do so far in my young life, but what now? This November, Mother Nature is transforming, and naturally, I want evolve alongside Her.

This November has arrived, and so has This November’s Me.

I cannot wait for this beautiful fall season to meet This November’s You.


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