How do you keep the moon from rising?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and as people, we rise with it. We plan our lives accordingly- we get up, go out, and play our roles in this world. The world outside ourself, with others, around others, perhaps even for others. We continue on to live in that world day by day.

In the sun, it is easy to see what lies before us, the fear is lessened if not absolved. It is a simple task to put on our masks for the world to see in the light. Behind it, we can hide. We can be comfortable as we sit idly in our comfort zone. Day by day, we know comfort zone’s measurements and are reluctant to expand its diameters. The reluctance comes so easily. Day by day.

But what of night by night? It is inevitable for the moon to rise, and when she does, you cannot be distracted by what is shown in the light or by what may be outwardly seen or expected. What occurs when one loses sight? The other senses rise up to be fulfilled. However, the external world we know, live our comfort zones in, and that allows us to wear our masks for others sleeps beneath the moon. As the outside rests, all that remains is “in”.

If you are afraid of the face that lies behind the mask…

If you fear that which cannot be seen only by eye in the light of day…

If you feel you are more familiar with the outside world than the universe within you

Be rid of that mask, and close your eyes. How do you keep the moon from rising? You don’t.  The moon must rise. As she does so, she shines light upon the universe that is just waiting to be discovered within.



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  1. Rindu says:

    Love it! Sending sooooo much love for you my love!!!!!


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